Experience by Kev Anderson

I breathed in deeply. The smell was unmistakable. Parma Violets with a hint of coconut. Her name was Veronica.

I was a boy in a Mad Man’s world.

The advertising agency was called Bailie Marshall. Veronica would be looking after me for my three days of work experience. My voice had broken years earlier, but the familiar variance of pitch returned when I spoke to her.

I decided to stop talking. It wasn’t working. I communicated with nods and smiles.

Tomorrow I’d be prepared. I’d be sophisticated. I’d be charming. I’d be a man.

And, I’d smell of Lynx Africa.

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Sandra - October 20, 2016

As long as it isn’t Axe. That stuff stinks. Great story. I have to get back writing 100 words again.

    StoryKev - October 21, 2016

    Actually, I think Axe was maybe the North American version Sandra. And yes…. you need to get back writing 100 Word stories again. Now, if only there was a place for you to share them.

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